KSM Starter to Karus Starter Account Migration Guide

  1. Visit https://app.ksmstarter.com/staking and unstake your tokens. (If your tokens are locked, you can still register for the IDO without moving the tokens to BSC)
  2. Unstake the tokens

3. After Unstaking go to: https://app.karusstarter.com/bridge

4. Connect your Wallet and input the amount of tokens you want to bridge

5. Press the Bridge KST Button and then press Bridge KST again

6. Confirm the Transaction in Metamask

7. After bridging, wait for the tokens to arrive and then you can go to the https://app.karusstarter.com/stake page and stake your KST Tokens to be able to receive yield rewards and IDO participation.

8. You also need to re-enter your email address by clicking on the wallet

9. Enter the email address and press Update

10. Finally, if you are using metamask don’t forget to import the new $KST as a “custom token” in your MM wallet. Make sure you have the binance network selected, click add custom token and enter the contract address:




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