KSM Starter Opens Additional Whitelisting Spots

The community came out in full force to support KSM Starter, and for that the team is eternally grateful — so grateful in fact, that they have decided to re-allocate a portion of the team’s tokens to make room for additional community members to join the whitelist.

How a project launches, sets the tone for everything that follows; and because KSM Starter was conceived to be community driven to the core, it’s only right that as many members as possible be rewarded with a chance to join the project at the ground floor.

Whitelisting Process

The KSM Starter whitelisting process will be conducted through a lottery system in which qualifying participants must complete a series of basic tasks. However, by completing additional tasks, participants can improve their chances of winning a spot.

To win a spot, within 48 hours of releasing this article, participants must fill out the below Google form, participate in the Gleam competition, and complete the listed basic tasks.

Whitelist will be open for 48 hours until the 9th of July, 7 PM UTC

The basic tasks are as follows:

  1. Follow KSM Starter on Twitter
  2. Like and Retweet the pinned tweet on KSM Starter’s official Twitter account
  3. Tag 2 friends on the pinned tweet as a comment
  4. Join KSM Starter’s official Telegram community
  5. Subscribe to KSM Starter official Telegram announcement channel

On Gleam, participants can complete additional bonus tasks by creating value-adding content, including but are not limited to:

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Memes and GIFs
  • Telegram stickers
  • Infographics

When creating content, please be aware of copyright restrictions. If you require the brand assets of KSM Starter to create your content, please request it in the official Telegram community.

After the Lottery

Once all bot entries are removed and duplication errors rectified, a random lottery will be conducted, and the winners will be contacted shortly after via email. Participants will have 24 hours to respond to the email, and if no response is given, the team will reach out individually via Telegram and Twitter to the winners of the lottery. However, if no response is given after 48 hours, winning accounts will be dropped and replaced by another participant who will be chosen at random.

Important Information

Remain vigilant about false entities posing as KSM Starter on Twitter and Telegram. Importantly, the KSM Starter team will never ask for funds, or promote any secret whitelisting spots. Because crypto communication channels are ripe for opportunistic scammers, community members need to remain aware of potential fraudulent activity. As a measure of precaution, always verify through the official communication channels if you suspect foul play:

Here are the official KSM Starter links:

Website: https://ksmstarter.com/

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/KSMstarter

Telegram Community: https://t.me/ksm_starter

Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/ksm_starterANN

Medium: https://ksmstarter.medium.com/




The primary launchpad on multichain. Transparent, fair, and innovative. Disrupting Web 3.0. https://t.me/KSM_Starter

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Karus Starter

Karus Starter

The primary launchpad on multichain. Transparent, fair, and innovative. Disrupting Web 3.0. https://t.me/KSM_Starter

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