KSM Starter Investor Highlight Pt. 2

In the second edition of KSM Starter’s investor highlight, the team is sharing another batch of venture capital backers, and why they have chosen to support the project. Blowing past fundraising goals in a widely oversubscribed institutional private round, KSM Starter secured close to thirty firms total, including x21, CSP DAO, Gains Associates, VBC Ventures, Crater Capital and Pulse Ventures.

Their funding will enable KSM Starter to assume its position as Kusama’s central launchpad and advance growth and collaboration among its ecosystem. More specifically, this means that the team now has the financial means necessary to pursue optimal Substrate development, generous reward-based community building, and extensive project marketing.

Asked about their backing, KSM Starter’s strategic investors shared their reasons for supporting the team’s vision.

x21: “With all the hype around Kusama’s parachains, a lot of folks have forgotten that the majority of projects will still need traditional launchpad infrastructure to secure impressive launches. To that end, KSM Starter is laying out the crucial groundwork needed to provide exactly that.”

CSP DAO: “As a community driven venture capital firm, naturally KSM Starter aligns with our values. Community driven projects are built to last for the exact reason that they represent the community.”

Gains Associates: “In terms of competition, Kusama Starter is far ahead in infrastructure and general professional network. Early exposure to KST, is early exposure to Kusama’s ecosystem.”

VBC Ventures: “From auto-invest, to interconnected project eco-systems, KSM Starter’s team have already made strives in innovating the launchpad experience. We’re excited to see what else they have in store.”

Crater Capital: “Crater is excited to see the innovation Kusama Starter will bring. As our value is to find projects that can make digital impacts, it was a simple calculation for us to invest. Polkadot’s experimental cousin, will be the first battleground for Substrate innovation, and Kusama Starter will play a pivotal role in it.”

Pulse Ventures: “Investing in Kusama Starter is a long term play. With each new launch, their ecosystem only becomes more robust and formidable. We’re thrilled to get in so early.”

KSM Starter is honored to have such an abundance of institutional support backing its mission, and is already working towards exceeding investor expectations.

Here are the official KSM Starter links:

Website: https://ksmstarter.com/

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/KSMstarter

Telegram Community: https://t.me/ksm_starter

Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/ksm_starterANN

Medium: https://ksmstarter.medium.com/



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