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4 min readJan 24, 2022

KSM Starter is honored to announce its second GameFi IDO, just days after announcing the first. Pandora World is a next generation P2E game universe that aims to be the go-to AAA title on-chain allowing users to play, earn and socialize globally, while enjoying a unique and fun gaming experience that covers all the short-comings of traditional gaming titles.

Pandora World Overview

Pandora World — which is currently in Alpha testing — is creating tools, systems and mechanisms that will truly enhance content creation through blockchain technology and herald a new age of gaming tailored for all play-style preferences.

Pandora’s World will be known as an industry leading visionary project that transfers the power and control from the initial development team into the hands of crypto-enthusiasts and gamers globally.

Their ultimate goal is to strike a perfect balance between a FPS-First Person Shooter and a true Open-World MMO, while providing gamers world-wide with the opportunity to earn, socialize and have endless fun regardless of their wealth, background or location.

Pandora’s World provides a unique creative tool Omnienabling a comprehensive experience for user-generated content (UGC). Their team believes this to be a pivotal feature akin to that of Halo or Minecraft providing a blank creative canvas that enables users to bring to life limitless ideas. Within Pandora all UGC will be secured via copyright ownership for their user-created content through blockchain and smart contracts, giving genuine power to players.

UGC is one of the cornerstones of Pandora and allows gamers to have their very own piece of Virtual Real-Estate. Once built, settlements can be exported via Omni into the Pandora in-game marketplace to become NFT game assets. Alternatively, players can also continue to build, upgrade weapon defenses and fortitude to create the ultimate strong-hold. Settlements are effectively bases of operation which must be defended by players and their Clans.

Pandora World Academy

Pandora World’s gameplay is multifaceted and combines the best of player vs environment, player vs player, and play to earn. $DORA is the native token of Pandora’s World and it’s disbursed through a variety of intricate game modes. The main ones include the following:

Siege Mode: Raid and loot other bases while having to defend your own in this high octane playable mode. The ability to customize your base with automatic turrets, enhanced battle ships and ultra shields is essential to ensure your victory.

Mech Battles: Customize your Mech with unique characteristics and upgrades to stand out from the crowd. From flamethrowers to light machine guns, your choice of equipment will determine your fate. Fight to the death with your opponents and the victor shall be rewarded.

Mining: In Pandora there are many geographical objects with different rarities including gold, platinum, oak and zinc. Find rare ores and use them to craft or exchange them for tokens.

Hunting: Take the role of a traditional hunter and find the rarest prey. Animal meat can be eaten or sold and their hide can be used to craft additional items. Although hunting can require patience it can be the most rewarding method of earning tokens in the game.

Wildlife Battle: Every turn on the planet comes with the possibility of facing different species ready to protect their land. From great mammoths of the land to beasts of the sea, danger is never too far away. Defeat these creatures to ensure your survival.

Motor Races: These races can be set up against other players via race day events or via self organized sport. Bets can be placed allowing the fastest players to win the lion share of tokens.

Construction Tournaments: Hosted by the Pandora team, these competitions will be held and voted on by the community on who can build the most elaborate and intricate designs within the world. Those who spend the time will be rewarded bountifully.

About Pandora World

Website: https://pandoras.world/partners

Twitter: https://twitter.com/discoverpandora

Telegram: https://t.me/DiscoverPandora

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