KSM Starter Drastically Reduces Launching Market Cap!

Fundamentals are important, and KSM Starter has it in spades — from team, to concept, to tech, to funding and connections, KSM Starter has it all; and now, $KST also has mouth watering “pumpamentals.”

Knowing how important early token price action is in rewarding early adopters, the team has decided to restructure the tokenomics to favor an absolutely explosive project launch. Initially, the plan was to go with the already small starting market cap of $388,800, but now cutting it down by an entire third, the $KST token is launching with $254,700 worth of tokens in circulation.

The detailed changes are:

For both private and public sale investors, this is awesome news; micro caps are explosive, and have tremendous potential upside. Considering KSM Starter’s caliber, such a small market cap represents one of the most lucrative opportunities to pass by crypto-land.

Of serious significance, and a testament to the fundamentals, KSM Starter’s restructured tokenomics demonstrate the team’s commitment to the project’s long term success. The new lower starting market cap was only made possible by widely delaying the team’s and treasury’s vesting period — thereby prioritizing the community and investors above all else.

The revised tokenomics also reflect additional new product lines that will be offered to the $KST token holders, such as:

More information on these exciting offerings will be released soon, in the days after product launch.

A genuine thank you to the community for being patient over the past couple months, while the team prepared for a flawless token launch, and for platform utility in the time immediately following. The team is absolutely thrilled to bring the community in, and show them the fruit of all their hard work behind the scenes.

About KSM Starter

KSM Starter, the primary launchpad on Kusama, is built to provide early-stage support and public funding for projects building on Substrate. KSM Starter’s incubator modeled launchpad is driven by the community and shared values of fairness, transparency, and decentralized organization. Unique to the KST ecosystem, community members are incentivized to participate in the pre IDO selection process through higher allocation rewards. Also unique to KSM Starter, collaboration is fostered among launched projects by incentivizing community members to support previous launches by awarding them with improved lottery odds. This along with the KST Ecosystem Council generates a synergistic network effect that empowers all projects to succeed and leave a lasting impact on Kusama.

KSM Starter is set to offer its native KSM Starter Token (KST) to the public in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to the official twitter and telegram to remain updated on important announcements.

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