KSM Starter Closes Widely Oversubscribed Strategic Funding Round

KSM Starter has far surpassed its institutional fundraising goal through securing support from the industry’s most established and respected venture capital firms. Among this list, which numbers close to thirty firms total, backers include Grizzly Capital, ExNetwork Capital, Kyros Ventures, Skyvision Capital, Momentum 6, and BlockDesk Ventures.

With this funding, KSM Starter is primed to take its place as the Canary Network’s primary launchpad and foster growth and collaboration among its ecosystem. For the community, this means that the team now has the financial tools necessary to pursue optimal platform development, generous reward-based community building, and explosive project marketing.

Asked about their backing, KSM Starter’s strategic investors shared their reasons for supporting the team’s vision.

Grizzly Capital: “Due to Kusama’s experimental, forward thinking nature, it’s only right that their primary launchpad mirrors the same values.”

ExNetwork: “KSM Starter has a winning team — put simply. Their diverse experience in project management and deep knowledge of the crypto space inspires confidence in their ability to become the lead launchpad for Kusama oriented projects.”

Kyros Ventures: “Projects that invest in innovation are worth investing in. KSM Starter empowers the next-generation Substrate projects to kickstart their market entry and be connected to a network of strong communities and likeminded experts.”

Skyvision Capital: “KSM Starter’s team have collaborated with SkyVision Capital as a strategic partner. KSM Starter is a decentralised and community driven launchpad on Kusama network. The project will have strong use-case as they strategically leverage the interoperability and scalability features of the Kusama network. We are extremely excited for the vision and roadmap ahead for the team as they build a community.

One of the special features of KSM Starter’s design is that it incentivizes actual collaboration. In order for the Kusama ecosystem as a whole to thrive, this feature is absolutely critical, and demonstrates real strategic vision on the part of the team and we are very excited to support them.”

Momentum 6: “It’s refreshing to see a launchpad that embraces the values it purports to represent. As a community-driven DAO, rewards and responsibilities will be decentralized and shared by token holders. We are truly excited to see KSM Starter launch, and look forward to providing continued support.”

BlockDesk Ventures: “BlockDesk Ventures is focusing on helping projects pivotal to the blockchain industry development and KSM Starter is doing just that! Kusama will pave the way for true interoperability and projects launched on KSM Starter will be critical to deliver a more connected blockchain ecosystem. With each launch, KSM Starter value and that of its incubated projects will keep increasing.”

KSM Starter is thrilled to have its institutional support so aligned with its mission, and is ready to build the platform with their funds as its rocketfuel.

Here are the official KSM Starter links:

Website: https://ksmstarter.com/

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/KSMstarter

Telegram Community: https://t.me/ksm_starter

Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/ksm_starterANN

Medium: https://ksmstarter.medium.com/



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