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With the Integritee public sale mere days away, coming on November 30th, the team would like to offer an all encompassing overview of what Integritee has to offer, and why they promise to so thoroughly change the privacy industry.

Integritee Overview

Integritee has the scope, the relevancy, and the impact to secure a Kusama and Polkadot Parachain, therefore making it a superior bet for anyone looking to get in at the ground floor of Substrate’s bright future.

Integritee empowers developers and other dapps, protocol, and networks to process sensitive data, through decentralization without compromising on privacy. The key words here are decentralization and privacy, which ordinarily have been mutually exclusive, until now.

The Integritee platform combines the trust of blockchain technology with the confidentiality of off-chain, trusted execution environments (TEEs). This enables developers and firms to create decentralized data-driven apps and services that can securely process sensitive data, without revealing it on-chain.

Its scope is absolutely huge, and will be central to protecting sensitive data across Kusama, Polkadot, and all other blockchains that they integrate with. In short, it has the potential to become an absolute behemoth in the privacy and security sector.

The Future of Decentralized Privacy is Integritee

The most revolutionary tech is always the most intuitive to comprehend. It speaks to immediate needs, and is therefore readily graspable. Integritee, for instance, answers the need for privacy on decentralized networks.

Traditional centralized approaches to privacy tend to be fast and convenient but make huge sacrifices in user privacy and security — lending to large scale data breaches, hacks, and potential phishing situations.

Until now, decentralized alternatives have proven untenable. While blockchain’s open ledger technology and universally verifiable data is one of it’s strongest selling points, when it comes to protecting sensitive business and personal information, blockchain’s biggest virtue becomes a glaring liability.

Integritee’s approach is a unique and powerful hybrid of public blockchain and confidential computing; through their “Trusted Execution Environments” (TEEs) they promise integrity and confidentiality of remote computation. In other words, instead of centralizing data on a rented cloud platform — which is potentially accessible to hackers — the TEE system acts as a network of co-processors that manages their own cryptographic keys and only executes programs whose hash, or fingerprint, corresponds to their individual original codes.

The manufacturer of the processor guarantees, by the design of their hardware, that nobody has access to the internal keys of the TEE or can read its memory. Moreover, the manufacturer can authenticate each TEE and provide remote attestation to a user to confirm that their program has not been tampered with and is actually running on a genuine TEE, even if the machine is physically located in an off-site data center The magic of this is that TEEs allow the user to execute any state update without sharing their data with the blockchain validator or other users. For the first time on blockchain, through Integritee, private token transfers, private smart contracts and private state channels all become possible and relatively cheap.

Integritee Use Cases

Because the combination of confidentiality and public auditability is nearly infinite, Integritee can be applied in a wide array of circumstances and provide unique advantages to businesses in an unlimited number of sectors.

From healthcare and decentralized finance to supply chain management and estate planning, processing sensitive data is simply unavoidable. In any situation where multiple parties need to process potentially sensitive data, whether that is a B2B or B2C interaction, Integritee provides a trusted technical foundation. There are far too many potential use cases to list, but below are three examples:

Health and Wellness Applications: Integritee allows multiple manufacturers of wearable devices to securely pool data insights, without having access to the data, thereby protecting user privacy.

Crypto Exchanges: Integritee enables a hybrid design that delivers the speed of a centralized exchange, while minimizing counterparty risk and the threat of frontrunning.

Privacy Messenger Bridge: Integritee can facilitate interoperability between private messaging apps, without exposing unencrypted data to an intermediary.

Integritee’s applications are practically endless, and totally customizable.

Integritee’s Mainnet is Live!

The launch of Integritee’s mainnet is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication from the team. As of launch, Integritee has become a functional network that can be used to process sensitive data and to preserve the privacy of users. You can see what blocks have been produced so far here. As Kusama and Polkadot sidechains, they are validated by remotely attested TEEs, so there is no need for a communication-heavy consensus protocol. Sidechains work mostly like substrate blockchains and they are compatible with substrate runtime pallets.

In the coming weeks, the first deployment and practical use case hosted on the Integritee mainnet will be launched: the US dollar exchange rate oracle. This oracle will monitor the USD-TEER exchange rate by using a trusted execution environment (TEE) to run a HTTP client that will communicate with a market REST API via a TLS connection. This will provide a service that authenticates the SSL server, queries the USD-TEER exchange rate, and writes it to our Integritee chain. In effect, this will provide non-repudiation for market data without trusting the oracle operator, a function which is not otherwise possible with existing SSL connections.

In short, the technical advancements of Integritee and their TEE system is nothing short of an absolute revolution for the blockchain industry. For the very first time, through Integritee, the lucrative privacy industry will finally be accessible to investors and developers interested in further layering their protocols with much needed security.

About Integritee

In development since 2018, Integritee AG’s solution enables sensitive business or personal data to be securely handled in an interoperable blockchain ecosystem. Using a hybrid of blockchain technology and hardware-enabled trusted execution environments, it enables businesses to securely process sensitive data, aiding compliance with privacy laws like GDPR. Learn more about the technology at Integritee.network.

About KSM Starter

KSM Starter, the primary launchpad on Kusama, is built to provide early-stage support and public funding for projects building on Substrate. KSM Starter’s incubator modeled launchpad is driven by the community and shared values of fairness, transparency, and decentralized organization. Unique to the KST ecosystem, community members are incentivized to participate in the pre IDO selection process through higher allocation rewards. Also unique to KSM Starter, collaboration is fostered among launched projects by incentivizing community members to support previous launches by awarding them with improved lottery odds. This along with the KST Ecosystem Council generates a synergistic network effect that empowers all projects to succeed and leave a lasting impact on Kusama.

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